The Modern Education Centre

At Southmead Hospital, the North Bristol Hospitals Trust has a new development in advance of an almost complete rebuild of this major acute facility.

At Southmead Hospital, the North Bristol Hospitals Trust has a new development

Southmead Lecture room

Southmead hub

This development, which was completed in late 2009, comprises a pathology building for regional services and a Learning and Research Building, a multi-disciplinary facility to service most of the Trust’s needs in this respect.

Video South won the contract to supply audio visual and videoconference installations in both of these buildings. The majority of the facilities are in the Learning and Research Building, which comprises 22 rooms used by many different groups. The concept was to provide a certain level of AV technology in various categories of room and make it so easy to use that all users would quickly be able to operate the facilities.

The rooms and AV facility are permanently equipped, ready to use and suited to different users throughout a working day. No preparation, reconfiguration or testing prior to use is necessary, and all rooms (see below) are user operated, without any technician support.

The two larger rooms with full quality 16:9 projection are controlled by touch panel in a lectern. All custom furniture for the ergonomic use of touch panel, microphone, laptop and visualiser was designed for each room and built by Video South.

The touch panel makes the system very easy to use. In presentation mode the user can simply select ‘pc’, laptop, visualiser, microscope etc and the source will be displayed on projection with associated audio, if any. With Video South’s multi window technology, it is possible to select ‘dual projection’; the projector then shows two 4:3 (normal) images on the 16:9 wide projector, which the user can control through the touch panel. So, for
example, the user can show a Powerpoint presentation on one side and ‘life’ images on the other.

The overall feel is a room ‘ready for action’, which frees the presenter to be more creative, use more current material and to communicate with the group more fluently and relevantly.

The entire installation was planned in detail over a six-month period and was
all installed in less than five weeks. The purchase was made easier for the client via CATALIST. Video South is a pre-approved provider and skilled installer of such systems for the public service.

The outcome is more of a partnership and more satisfactory to client and users. The Learning and Research Centre will be a model facility for many years to come.


The Learning and Research Building comprises:

  • Thirteen small seminars for 20 persons, using large LCD panels for pc display
  • Two seminar rooms for up to 40 persons, using integrated projector and interactive whiteboards
  • Two larger seminars with widescreen projection and multiple inputs
  • Two lecture theatres with full HD 1080 projection, multi-image display, wide variety of sources and other flexibility. One is equipped for external videoconferencing and the other for live links to hospital clinical departments
  • Three skills rooms and resuscitation with AV.