Live links helps trainees attend more procedures

In this issue of Monitor, there are several examples of how a variety of centres have installed systems providing live procedure demonstrations. Surgery, gastroenterology, radiology and cardiology departments are using these systems for both ‘master class’ conferences and everyday training.

Endoscopy course at UCLH

Oncoplastic breast master class in Winchester

Live demonstration of nipple tattooing

Multi-image projection

We now frequently hear that those in advanced training are not able to attend the number of procedures they need to.

This is in part down to shorter working hours and is also a result of their role in managing patients on the wards.

Live procedure demonstrations in seminar rooms can help in this regard. Trainees can ‘attend’ in greater numbers and in shorter time slots. Discussion with the medical team is often better that being behind them in the room itself.

Some Trusts also use the system for specialist nurse education and training.

Some also hold information sessions for general practitioners, who can benefit from a closer knowledge of some recently developed procedures. Higher resolution images, and more of them, demand that most systems use fibre-optic links and full HD projectors on large LCD flat screen monitors. The immediacy of two-way audio and the complete security of these systems are also vital factors of design.