St Mark’s refitted

St Mark’s, a specialist hospital on the Northwick Park Hospital site, decided in 2012 to refit their entire videoconferencing system, which they have used for over 20 years to demonstrate their world-class colorectal surgery and flexible gastroscopy.

St Mark’s, Frontiers meeting in progress.

Custom camera fitted to lamps in St Mark’s operating theatre.

St Mark’s Common Room Presentation point

The refit was completed in just over a year and debuted at the 2015 Frontiers meeting that St Mark’s hosts annually.

Naturally the system is full HD throughout. The rooms involved include one Olympus Endo Alpha laparoscopic operating theatre, one colorectal operating theatre and three gastroenterology rooms. For meetings as large as Frontiers, there is the Himsworth large lecture theatre. For routine meetings, two seminar rooms have full viewing and control facilities for up to 40 participants and there is also a department seminar room in gastroenterology. All these rooms are fitted with native 1920 x 1200 HD projectors.

Each operating theatre has an integral camera in the operating lamp as well as a custom camera kit built by Video South.


Highlights include

  • The operating theatres feature two surgical view HD cameras. Each has an integral camera in the operating lamp as well as a custom camera kit built by Video South, mounted to an extra arm on the lamp assembly. This arrangement is specifically developed for televising colorectal surgery competently.
  • The system interconnecting all the rooms is state-of-the-art AMX DGX fibre optics featuring harmonised video, audio, control, intercom and network. All rooms and functionality are controlled by users with highly automated touch panel systems.
  • All clinical demonstrations can be recorded in native resolution using a central Sony recorder that features both hard disk and USB media. This is also used from the touch panels in each location.
  • The Himsworth lecture theatre features very high quality projection using a Panasonic RZ 670 genuine laser projector, producing a five-metre-wide image, which is very impressive.