NHS Digital Excellence – Participants Announced

Twenty-six hospital trusts have been awarded participation and funding in the Digital Excellence programme by NHS England

Video South’s fourth generation MDT room at Broadgreen, Liverpool

Royal Free: Oncology MDT Seating

Royal Free: Radiology MDT Control Desk

Royal Free: Oncology MDT Control Desk

Digital Excellence rewards trusts for innovation and project success using network technology to improve productivity and ultimately patient outcomes.

Twelve of the 26 trusts accepted to the Digital Excellence programme are clients of Video South and use the visual communication systems installed by the company to contribute to improved efficiency.

Video South designs systems specifically for hospitals to improve professional communications and the efficiency of meetings at all levels.

Video South has developed systems for over 20 years in this field and now integrates network technology and unified communication systems to use visual applications effectively. These systems can also apply to training, service improvement and transformation strategies.

Video South contributes innovation and expert project implementation within NHS hospital trusts.

Key recent projects have been completed at The Royal Free (now incorporating Barnet and Chase Farm), The new Alder Hey Hospital, Aintree University Hospital, St George’s Hospital and UCLH.