Multi-function MDT room – A winner at Aintree

The Endoscopy Department at Aintree University Hospital in Liverpool, a longstanding user of Video South systems, has installed a third-generation live procedure demonstration system.

As an MDT as well as teaching room, a custom console provides workspace for the medical and coordination team

In a live link with an endoscopy room, three or four HD images can be shown simultaneously

Situated in the new ‘Elective Care’ building, the well proportioned
seminar room is also a high specification MDT meeting room with videoconferencing.

The bespoke furniture, designed and built by Video South, features a 5m-long desk to accommodate a case presenter, a radiologist with dual screen PACS, a pathologist with microscope system and an administrator using the ‘Somerset’ database. All of these can be displayed on the four image screens simultaneously.

These four images are delivered by two full HD projectors using modern widescreen technology to advantage; we use image composition to place side-by-side 4:3 images on each of the 16:10 projectors. The composition of four high-resolution images onto two 1920 x 1200 projectors is achieved by the Cisco C90 codec which is also a vital component of the videoconferencing. The codec allows all the facilities of the room to communicate across IP networks within and external to the Trust.

Sophisticated microphone systems and a HD camera also allow both presenters and all participants to communicate with remote sites and to share multiple images at very high quality.

The live links to two endoscopy suites include all the images from these rooms including native resolution fluoroscopy from ERCP procedures. The HD gastroscopes are projected at native resolution and the four images in the seminar room allow full size multiple images from an endoscopy room as well as screens from the PACS PC in the seminar room.

Video South has worked very closely with Olympus on this project. As regular partners, the companies were able to offer Richard Sturgess, the lead endoscopist, a full integration and the best of what each company can provide.

All this, and the two-way audio, can be linked to remote sites for live demonstrations to be linked outside the hospital. Encryption keeps patient-related demonstrations completely secure until received by an authorised party.

Touch panel control sets up the room for local, MDT, videoconference or live link modes and then each of these scenarios are user-generated by intuitive graphics.