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Since the department relocated from the Middlesex Hospital to the current University College London Hospital on Euston Road, Video South has assisted the endoscopy department to run an annual meeting based on demonstrating live procedures to an audience of consultant colleagues.

The audience of over 120 is located in the Education Centre, which is located on the opposite side of Euston Road. To provide a link of the desired quality, it was decided to install a private fibre from the department to the Education Centre when the new hospital was constructed.

Video South has equipped this link with full HD video, two-way audio, control and intercom. This link can be used to demonstrate the latest quality imaging, without loss or delay, to a large audience.

Video South has developed the equipping of each endoscopy rooms over a period of years. The latest upgrades integrate imaging from Olympus 290 scopes, Pentax HD scopes, Hitachi ultrasound, Boston digital Spy, Siemens fluoro and GE fluoro.

All room selection and image arrangement on screen is made using a touch panel at the Education Centre, and display is on HD projection with open quality, two-way audio.

Using full quality, uncompressed links means there is no delay in the audio, which results in fluent discussion that is easy to listen to. Over the two days, ten hours of live procedures are presented.

Video South manages the complete installation throughout the year. Consultants can use it themselves to run smaller scale courses at any time. This can be either at the Education Centre or in the department seminar room, which is also equipped with full HD projection and two-way audio.