The Glazer, St Mary’s MDT Room

Glazer MDT Room at Imperial College Healthcare

Glazer MDT Room at Imperial College Healthcare

Imperial College Healthcare have invested in MDT conferencing rooms on several hospital sites. These have been in service for over seven years and so required a significant refresh.

The facilities include an important and busy room at St Mary’s Paddington, known as The Glazer. This room is used almost every day for cancer care MDT meetings between hospitals and must function well so that patient treatment plans can be agreed and actioned in a timely manner.

The room already used Iocom video connectivity with partner sites, and Crestron touch panel control. Both functions were kept in the redevelopment. The client selected Video South for their proven expertise in room design, touch panel control development and quality installation of AV systems.

The room was refitted with three 80-inch, wall-mounted monitors and a 55-inch monitor. The switching was all upgraded to HDMI 4k capability and the audio was completely redesigned. Good audio systems play a key role in achieving more fluent and accurate interchanges at meetings. Good quality, intelligible audio along with easy-to-use, touch panel control will lead to nearly double the number of patients processed within the time available for MDT meetings. This is a great saving of consultant time and a direct benefit to treating patients and accelerating their journey, whilst ensuring accurate and understandable treatment plans are shared between professionals.

St Mary’s and Imperial College Healthcare are very satisfied with the outcome and now all the MDT rooms will be fitted with the enhanced audio system. Many will benefit from the full upgrade in months to come.

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