Frontiers at St Mark’s

St Mark’s is a specialist tertiary centre, once based in City Road which relocated some years ago to Northwick Park Hospital. With a longstanding global reputation for excellence in the treatment of colo-rectal disease, the Institute carries out programmes of research and training at the highest level.

2016 conference in Himsworth

Laparoscopic demonstration

Theatre 11 live on screen

Humphries Live

Saunders Theatre

Each year the Frontiers conference is a masterclass for colleagues in this field of medicine to share experience and recent developments. In an intensive programme covering four days, both endoscopy and surgery provide live procedure demonstrations to an audience of over 150 specialists from across the UK and overseas.

Video South has worked with St Mark’s for over ten years and designed and installed the complete system to provide live links for this purpose in 2014. The system is entirely fibre optic and provides full HD live images from three endoscopy suites and two operating theatres to the audience in Himsworth Hall.

The system is based on 3G uncompressed broadcast quality, with open two-way audio, touch-panel controls from the hall and an off-air intercom to help organisation of the schedule. Display is on Panasonic laser projector providing lossless image quality on a six-metre screen. The system allows single HD images this size, or a choice of any three images concurrently from a procedure room.

High quality audio allows the demonstrator to discuss and debate procedure details without any time delay, and the audience benefits from clear and even levels of audio that make participation for many hours an enjoyable and productive experience.

All conferences demonstrating cutting edge procedures feature some technology or imaging new to the field. Video South is employed for the duration of the meeting to provide technical support, interface any updated imaging systems and ensure the system provides the best possible experience for participants.

The system is designed for user operation day to day. Despite the advanced nature of the installations, any demonstration can be linked to a teaching room and controlled by intuitive touch panels. St Mark’s uses these facilities at smaller courses throughout the year ,and live procedures can be demonstrated in the Institute teaching room and the Clore lecture room in the education department. All parts of the system are permanently ready for use and can be deployed from the meeting room in use for a course.

Feedback regarding Frontiers, from a discerning audience, has been very positive and next year’s event is in the planning.