High specification meeting rooms and network architecture designed by experts allows valuable collaboration.


State-of-the-art videoconferencing in full HD creates an immersive ‘telepresence’ experience, supporting easy and high quality collaboration between colleagues in remote locations. The features less discussed, but equally important, are audio quality, reliability of connection on the network and functional room design.


The Farr institute

Video South addressed all these areas for the Farr Institute. This group of experts in health informatics require close collaboration between subject research experts in the universities of Dundee, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, York and London. They also include some cooperating NHS sites.


Videoconference strategy

Video South developed a video strategy based in Dundee which accommodates Cisco assets including Call Manager, Expressway, VCS and the MCU. This enables all sites to interoperate over the JANET network at maximum bandwidth, reliably and securely. It also facilitates connection to registered users across the internet and Jabber users on PC.


Room design

Video South also designed the rooms. Some are larger seminar rooms fitted for presentation and some are meeting rooms. They all have touch panel controls and allow ‘one touch’ connection to multi-site meetings. The users all have control interfaces that are as simple as possible and some rooms have custom furniture.