Simulation and skills centres

Many more hospitals and teaching centres are investing in skills rooms and simulation. Video South has always been involved in the design of rooms to teach surgical skills and of complete units teaching clinical skills, including patient examination and consultation. This can include live multi-camera relays and recording for standard evaluation and debrief.


Some of our latest installations are audio-visual integration of Laerdal SimMan, including the latest SimMan 3G. Video South is a working partner of Laerdal and has created a sophisticated system which displays and records multiple camera views with vital signs. This can be shown at full quality in larger seminar rooms from live and recorded sessions. The teacher is provided with touch panel control, selected listening on headsets and the ability to speak privately to some participants.

Good examples of such centres are:

  • The Royal College of Surgeons, London
  • ACCESS Unit at King’s College Hospital
  • Clinical Skills at Ninewells, Dundee
  • Clinical Skills at St Helier
  • Skills Education at Preston
  • Skills Education at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich