Conferences and live events

Video South has over 20 years’ experience of providing all audio-visual and multi-media facilities for conferences in any size of venue.


The British Association of Urological Surgeons’ annual meeting is held at venues such as Glasgow SECC and Manchester Central and is designed for 1,500 participants and a trade exhibition.

Many medical meetings feature parallel breakout, poster and meeting sessions.

We have detailed experience in gastroenterology, cardiology and all fields of surgery and can manage all media for meetings of any scale. This includes providing speaker media check in, assistance and a local network to deliver speaker material to each presentation room.


Live procedure demonstrations

We have carried out meetings featuring presentation of live surgery, cardiology and diagnostic procedures since 1985. Links can be arranged from any hospital treatment room to venues locally, nationally and globally.

From skills training days on a hospital site to transmission across the world, our expertise is in real-time communication using visual tools, images and data archives. We worked with clients in Wolverhampton and Sunderland (both recently awarded funding in the Digital Excellence programme) to set up advanced training facilities using live procedure links to training rooms.

Our teams are experienced and knowledgeable about working in clinical areas.