Telemedicine and remote clinical support

Video South provides advice and configures systems in a wide range of telemedicine applications involved in patient care.


We provide a range of options for telemedicine applications, which allow engagement with remote experts to aid in diagnosis, expert advice and direction during a procedure, teletraining and videoconferencing for patient and department management.


Telemedicine trolley

Video South has designed an all-in-one outpatient telemedicine trolley, with network connectivity via IP and ISDN. The unit has dual LCD monitors to confirm incoming and outgoing images and a docking point to allow these images to be displayed on larger monitors.

Accessories include a digital stethoscope to allow the remote party to listen to an exact digital copy of the local unit. This has proved suitable for all auscultation. There is a close-up camera which is hand held and comes with its own lighting (around the lens) and filter selection for skin lesions.

The trolley has a powerful Cisco codec and so can dial up remote centres worldwide. The operation of all facilities is via a cordless handset.


  • face-to-face camera
  • high angle camera for patient examination
  • medical imaging input for ultrasound (live) or X-ray or physiological monitor
  • video disk or USB drive to record session
  • PC/laptop input, which is also suitable for radiological archive
  • aux video input

The audio facilities include:

  • high quality loudspeaker with volume control
  • fixed microphone within the trolley, which is usually enough for all operators
  • cabled microphone, usually used if patients or relatives are involved
  • private headset/microphone for confidentiality or noisy environments
  • input for echo etc.


As a partner of Cisco in healthcare, Video South can also offer the standard product.


  • small footprint using five-star wheelbase
  • flat screen TFT monitor
  • ISDN, IP and wireless connectivity
  • ideal for limited space applications such as in A&E or ITU