Video South has been designing video systems for operating theatres since 1979. In the past these included some of the first systems using miniature cameras in endoscopy, microscopy and operating theatre lamps. Since 1985 we have used this detailed knowledge of theatre practice to design systems that link up all of these applications to easy-to-use systems for demonstrating all the features of a procedure and activities in an operating theatre.

The teleconference trolley

This system is highly developed to meet the needs of our clients. The teleconference trolley is designed to move the equipment required from room to room. Thus any number of theatres can be cabled for the service and one or more trolleys can be moved and connected in seconds. This provides a cost-effective solution to providing the service in specific theatres. Any number of trolleys can be added in order to use theatres simultaneously.



The trolley can connect to a hybrid network for maximum quality or can be supplied to connect directly to an IP network. Video South network systems can be safely connected to a wide range of cameras, endoscopy stacks, ultrasound and monitoring equipment.


  • connects up to six HD video sources
  • two-way ‘open’ sound system
  • radio microphones
  • off-air intercom
  • complete isolation from medical imaging equipment to maintain safety standards
  • control of camera in operating lamp
  • easy connection and very few user controls
  • robust stainless steel construction
  • versions for wideband fiber, IP and streaming

Lamp-mounted camera

We usually recommend using manufactures’ own cameras mounted in operating lamp assemblies which are the only way to visualise the surgical field adequately on a regular basis. All angles can be achieved with minimum obscuring by heads.