Cardiology and radiology

This has been an expanding field with a flourishing of monitor-based visuals. Video South has worked as a partner with Siemens, GE and Philips in some of the most advanced rooms in Europe. These include catheter labs, EP labs, fluoro/MRI hybrid and operating room/fluoro hybrid.


Our knowledge of all the X-ray imaging, navigation tools, EP tools and ultrasound technologies allow us to bring these together on one high resolution, multi-image platform. Remote viewers can see any number of full resolution images and participate with easy to use two-way audio for discussion as the procedures are performed.

Our high quality engineering ensures that safety standards are met, images are lossless and that systems perform for many years in the hands of users. All PACS and DICOM compatibility is adhered to where relevant and transparent interfaces allow users access to any images on demand, whether these are live from a current procedure or from an archive.



Video South designs specific packages for catheter laboratories and ultrasound rooms and similar interventional labs.


  • correct and safe connection to all existing imaging
  • solutions for all main manufacturers: Siemens, GE, Philips, Toshiba, Hitachi, etc
  • scan conversion of high resolution X-ray screen displays
  • integration with PACS networks and DICOM archives
  • transmission of full resolution X-ray screen display for transmission to high resolution data projectors in teaching room
  • transmission of full quality electrophysiology studies
  • connection of ultrasound such as IVUS
  • miniature remote controlled wall/ceiling mounted cameras
  • cameras on articulated ceiling mounted arms for close up view of catheter techniques