Our approach

Our focus is on understanding your requirements in detail. This includes the key project objectives and deliverables. As a company specialising in visual communications for hospitals and universities, we provide digital excellence strategies that can improve efficiency and patient safety. Our corporate culture and working style have evolved over many years to suit the way our clients work.


In order to ensure that we are clear about the scope of the project and the likely mix of users, we take the time to listen. Our initial meetings with you, and later surveys, inform the proposal that we will ultimately put forward as the best solution for you.

Once your brief is developed, and the likely budget and environment is understood, Video South will always recommend the most cost effective and elegant solution for each installation, using the appropriate components from the professional market. We use a wide range of suppliers providing high quality audio-visual and videoconference systems; we do not sell unique brands or promote a particular technology.

We take responsibility for design, specification and integration with existing systems that may already be in place.



Having decided to focus our effort in hospitals and universities, we have over 20 years of experience designing lecture theatres, seminar rooms and meeting rooms, supporting our clients in their quest for digital excellence.

In hospitals we also design specialist systems for operating theatres, cardiac and vascular labs, endoscopy rooms and other diagnostic and intervention rooms from which medical staff wish to present live demonstrations. The common thread here is ‘live collaboration and communication’.

Our technical creative skills are about designing high quality environments for sharing ideas and techniques, by local audio-visual presentation, telepresence, videoconferencing and streaming.

In all of this work we provide controls that the user can operate themselves. This even applies to large bespoke systems and we employ two full-time programmers to achieve this. We design all our own touch panel user interfaces to suit the precise nature of each system.



The first step in being able to provide nationwide, expert support to hospitals and universities is to specify equipment that is suitable for the intended use and the environment.

We insist that all the equipment we provide is fit for purpose and has quality support from the manufacturer. The great majority of the equipment is covered by a three-year warranty, sometimes arranged specifically for Video South. The quality of the installation, even down to the wiring, supports this effort.

Post installation, we provide expert support from our own staff (no call centres or sub-contractors). All telephone support is free of charge and unlimited to all clients, directly with users and within minutes of a first call. We have a well equipped videoconference studio available 24/7, which is used for client testing and problem solving.

Our support contracts are managed by knowledgeable staff dedicated to this area, with a database showing all clients, inventories of every room we have ever supplied, histories, design drawings and a ticketing system to ensure that all episodes are logged and cleared down. Annual activity logs are available to all clients.

Our support team include skilled engineers based throughout the UK, from the south of England all the way up to Scotland.